Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let's Get Expandin'!

Two updates in one day?! Holy crap guys!!

But yeah! I talked it over Rachael (y'know, the other site writer who writes way more than I sobbu sobbu I suck) and we've decided to lyrics other than Vocaloid. Some from anime and some from possibly other languages. Like K-Pop!

Though our focus will remain to be Vocaloid based, expect little snippets of those lyrics once in a blue moon.

Yay! / o /


  1. i have a question about the art on your blog. i know that image is from a song by hachi would you happen to know the title of the song?? i've been looking everywhere for it.

  2. @Marwacco The art is from DECO*27's PV, Two Breaths Walking, lyrics of which can be found here:



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