Wednesday, June 8, 2011

StargazeR- Miku

Title: StargazeR
Artist: Hatsune Miku
Composer: Kotsuban-P/KotsBeirne(骨盤P)
Links: YouTube / Nico Nico Douga

The wind, flowing through my hair
Clouds flying through the air
As I stretched out my arms
They tried to catch the stars
Shining, so far away
So fine, they all can stay
As they circle the u-ni-verse ...

I dream of the day when I am in a different world
Where in, my heart, I'm told
That it will all unfold
Let's bring, out songs, into a single melody
With that, one song, we now can sing ...

Here I can see the world
That's reflected deep within your eyes
The clouds are bright and carried as the wind flies
Poetic words, keeping me alive
Shooting stars leave a trail of vapour
As I wait here, I can see why I am a STARGAZER

Setting sun, shines it's light, upon my own songs
But guess what, I don't know, what you said that to me!
Since my song, like the sun, can always fade away
So please wait, for the day, when you hear me say ...

"I hold it in my hands, this feeling, it's a treasure to me
You could hear my voice in the sky, I've been waiting
For this day to arrive!"

The world, is unfolding right before my eyes
Orbiting the stars all day and all night!
Here I am, standing here with you
Shooting stars, leave a trail of vapour
And I'll stay here a STARGAZER
Other Information:
StargazeR is an inspirational song, one of the older Miku songs that is still popular even today. The song was even performed at Miku's 39 Giving Day concert in 2010.

StargazeR Translyrics (c) Let's Get Lyrical!@blogspot (shukou@NND/Manjuholic@YT)

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