Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dancesite of Darkness - Rin and Len

Title: 闇のダンスサイト Yami no Dance Site (Dancesite of Darkness/Dark Dance Site)
Artist: Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len
Composer: ブーメランパンツP (Boomerangpantz-P)

Bold = Rin
Italics = Len
Normal = Both


Within this infinite darkened night
Myself and you are now vanishing
Quivering and quelling this terror
Our swaying movements are dully breaking

Bitter cold and eerie is the corpse
That dances by the moon in a waltz
Keep smiling forever while we cry
Approaching the edge of the horizon

We are only two sorrowful people; even our dreams are all but forgotten
The resonating shrill singing of the songbirds that have finally gone insane

Looking down only at the ground (I find myself holding onto to grief)
My hair is whipping around my face (Gradually you are disappearing)
All hopeful outcomes fading (I feel it settling in my heart)
Embracing no one but the wind (You don’t notice my loneliness)

In the end it’s just a desire (The moon that lies in the sky)
Just like a tomorrow that never comes (For it to vanish to darkness)
I realised I had forgotten (Of course for that to occur…)
To glance back as I left you behind (I must first willingly want to die)

Remembering that broken scenery; diminishing, dying memory
Fade into grey above and below; two people are separated from each other

To escape from this endless nightmare (Your expression is so sorrowful)
Tear away from all the deception (Although salvation rescued you)
Compensation is all a lie (I continue to keep living)
Yet if I reached the other side… (Where is my reason for this life?)

You also at this same moment (It’s been this from the beginning)
Are a broken puppet left here (That we are together as one)
My cold heart I have created (Because two of us alone)
Is from my own selfish desire (Are unable to keep standing)

This is our dance site of darkness
Let us waltz in a final conclusion
I will love you for this time (I am giving myself to you)
Until the night becomes the dawn (We will face what is soon ahead)

Although our hands never will touch (Not feeling melancholy)
Even though we don’t leave this place (Nor a whim of anxiety)
For an eternity I will (We just are simply alive)
Not ever forget your existence (And I shall testify even in death)

Other Information:
Dancesite of Darkness is a popular song that's spawned many covers by Vocaloids and vocalists alike. With it's haunting tune and mysterious lyrics, it's drawn many fans towards it. 

Dancesite of Darkness Translyrics (c) Let's Get Lyrical!@blogspot (RaeRaeRae@NND/ReicheruCharin@YT)

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