Friday, September 18, 2009

1/6 - Miku

Title: 1/6
Artist: Hatsune Miku
Composer: ぼーかりおどP さま (BookariodoP-sama)

I’ll break the chain of gravity someday
Maybe the satellite won’t be so far away

Rushing, looking for you on the busy night street
The constant stream of people seemed to be on repeat
Listening to your unsteady voice on the phone
I felt a bit nervous, was there something wrong?

When I finally found you, I saw you’d been crying
Don’t say nothing happened ‘cause I know that you are lying

I find it pretty hard to see you looking like this; I can’t just leave you here

I’ll release the chain of gravity someday
And on the satellite we’ll both fly around space
When we get above the atmosphere your weight
Will be only 1/6

If I could ever find a way to lighten your sadness
I’d do it and I swear I’d never want anything else
Someday I assure you I’ll definitely take you there
Outside the gravity

I can’t afford space travel right now, I am sorry
But I can take you up higher physically
I had thought until my head had started to hurt
I chose to take you to a tower on the port

I gave a go pretending that I had been running
In an attempt to hide my heart’s rapid beating

Today I’ll claim a right to hold both your hands, so I can pull you along

In an elevator we pretend that
Our satellite is reaching the outer orbit
Here at 300 metres high above the ground
You might be lighter than you were

Unfortunately it’s only a cheap trick
Although you know what I mean, at least I think
All I want is to take you somewhere that’s above the earth
Outside the gravity

My feelings are sometimes easy to see
You’ve probably known them for as long as you’ve known me
Still I want to save you from your worries for the sake of my egoism

The burning sun gives off its warming light
To let the gentle moon continue on glowing bright
Will you now let me help you just like they do?

I’ll break the chain of gravity, someday
And on our satellite is where we will stay
Every sorrow and sadness that you’ve ever felt will be
Less than 1/6

Space ships are still very far beyond us
Since I can’t reach them now I have to ask
Would you please hold my hand instead, so I’ll take you
Outside the gravity

Out of the gravity
Other Information:
1/6 is a slightly older, lesser known Hatsune Miku song that relates love to space. There are also dance covers and a remix available. 

1/6 Translyrics (c) Let's Get Lyrical!@blogspot (RaeRaeRae@NND/ReicheruCharin@YT)

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