Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cat Food - Miku

Title: キャットフード (Cat Food)
Artist: Hatsune Miku
Composer: doriko
Links: YouTube / Nico Nico Douga

Forcast claimed it to be sunny and clear
Why is the sky pouring down its tears?
As I gaze up into the night sky
I beg the clouds to let me stay dry

I hate water and the feeling of cold
Warm me up, embrace me with your hold
You're the one that I can never seem to find
When you are on my mind...

I need your love
On your lap I sit, search for you, I'll never quit!
Running, chasing, going straight ahead!

You're my sunshine, even if it's cliche
Treat me nice though I'm a 'MOODY LADY'
But whenever I ache your love
I can't find you, below or above!

I'm not crying, it's just the pouring rain
The cold grey sky mirrors my own pain
So find me, rescue me and apologize, then open your umbrella...!
I hope the rain ends and then will allow me too,
Fill my vision with flowers all in bloom
Even in my dreams...
La la la la...!

Malfuntion, do his ears even work?
Listen to me, you're being a jerk!
Open your ears, for the moment, please
Take a rest, be at ease my nagging darling!

If you're angry, I don't like your face
If you're happy, keep that smile away
To begin with, you were never my type
But still love me...

You need a friend,
Keep that emotion in check
Because it's important!
Going, faster, aim straight for the heart!

Selfish honesty? I'm not ready
But I'll remain your only lady
Forgive me, spare my faults as I didn't do anything wrong!

Who's the one who you dislike? It's me
With a strange and mixed up identity
I can't call to you now so don't expect apologies from me

You already have that feeling in your heart
Then there's no need for loving words to start
It should be enough...
And I know that you can see!

If your food is really that tasty, I'll let you live together with me...
If there's something good on the tv, then I'll let you watch it with me!
If there's a ready and warm bed, I could let you sleep at the end...
Is there anything else that you need? I ask, not plead!

There are times where I feel spoilt and hasty
Please allow me as your wanted lady
But even if that's how I am, you never seem to even understand!

Even the warmest passion cools down
Leaving us astray, away to drown
But then you open the door and smile at me with your bright eyes

If the rain keeps on falling, ending never, then let's stay under this same shelter everyday...
Forever, la la la...

I say nya-o I am always at your side
I say nya-o I am always in your arms
I say nya-o, I am always questioning just why
your name is getting harder for me to... say.

Other Information:
Definitely not as popular as doriko's other song, Romeo and Cinderella, however you can hear similar elements in Cat Food. The song rose to fame with 96neko's cover- the song is even being featured on the upcoming Project Diva F.

Cat Food Translyrics (c) Let's Get Lyrical!@blogspot (shukou@NND/Manjuholic@YT)

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