Sunday, June 3, 2012

Your Body's Temperature - Miku

Title: 君の体温 (Your Body's Temperature - Miku)
Artist: Hatsune Miku
Composer: クワガタP (KuwagataP/apple41)
Links: YouTube / Nico Nico Douga

Colours glowing so bright and shining so brilliantly
Were around us, until caught and came, to a stop
Life became plain and I missed their intensity
So I followed their illusions until I finally dropped

There is something I've been missing and it is your voice
I can hear it from a distance, but you're far so I've no choice
I would wish for our hands to again feel our joined heat
Because, that would mean that we would again meet!

Flowers bloomed on the ground and the moon shone in the sky
The land will change as time passes us by
It was right then and right here, when your body was so near
But I al-ways knew that it would turn cold and dissappear

I would walk on those streets that were frequented by you
And hope one day, you'd see me and say "Hey, how do you do?"
My brain forced me to remember all those times
I didn't want to cry so I just closed both of my eyes

If everything I said could keep the future the same
And prevent anything from making us go astray
If you even could take my hand that I held up high
Then life, would be nothing but full of lies!

Flowers doomed on the ground and the moon's covered by clouds
The seasons have changed since you are no longer around
The ghosting feeling of you, at my side you would stand
Has gone, away since you can no lon-ger, hold my hand...

We swore together, forever and ever and that is when
Everything began to come crashing down again
Winter has gone, spring has no songs
Summer ended and I slept right through fall
Would another chance appear?
I wonder if, we would even meet each other... again?

All I have hoped for, all I have, hoped for
Is to stand with you and laugh again, once more

Now the nights are long, and the days are wrong
It's like I'm no, longer the person I used to be
I'm well, I think, your warmth, you see
Will turn cold and be forgotten like everyone else's
I say, goodbye, farwell, to you
I would love to turn back and look to you
But I am no more

Other Information:
Your Body's Temperature- better known by it's Japanese title, Kimi ni Taion, is a relaxing song, but with a sadder tone of lyric, much like Saihate. The song is old (coming out in 2009), but is still somewhat popular.
Your Body's Temperature Translyrics (c) Let's Get Lyrical!@blogspot (shukou@NND/Manjuholic@YT)

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