Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Split-Second Trip - GUMI

セツナトリップ (A Split-Second Trip)Artist: GUMI
Composer: Last Note.
Links: YouTube / Nico Nico Douga

1, 2, are you okay?
3, 4, burst to the new day
Isn't, it fine, to do things at random?
It's not like, anything will, change re-gardle-ess
Push forward!
Keep pressing forward in time!

Walking with uncertain feelings
What's with the melodies it brings?
At a loss, there's nothing that can be done!
Do you stop, do you dare, are you careful
Drunk, on emotions, but it's still not enough

The words I want to say, burst out from nowhere
"The one who enjoys themselves the most will cross the finish line first!"

I'm searching, I'm looking, for that split-second TRIP
I can try, I can fly, Won't die
Into the heart I'll go and DIVE!
Now don't fret, it's an up-set, the competition's waiting
I'm in awe, I saw, It's long but I won't ever withdraw!
Live life, to the fullest, that girl is the winner
Awake or asleep or trapped in a dream, the moment will be her's!
Won't be long, in the song, symptoms at their limit
So I can't be tamed, I can't be blamed to badly want this trip!

It's such a fluffy feeling
So fluffy, am I dreaming?
What's, with, your attitude- curb it, BABY
Surely, there won't be changes every day!
You're acting, so obstinate

As if I'm fast-forwarding, the days continue to pass me by
I still want to indulge in whatever pleases me and so..

Can't be tamed, can't be blamed, I'm this TRIP's imperfect girl!
Keep changing and reality will go out with a BANG!
Resist it, it's a trick, or did I miss it?
This maze can't be discovered with the colours of the night!

She's youthful while I'm free
That's tomorrow's girl
She shuts her eyes and fakes her sleep
"I can't hear you at all~!"
A dreamer, believer, ah, sweet Bambina
Believing for eternity that the present had arrived!

Working hard will bear no fruit
That's the attitude I'm used to
In your lifetime there are several cards to be dealt!
'If you're weak, it's game over!'
'That defines your only future!'
'You can't avoid it at all!'
"Enough, now, GUITAR!!"

..I realize that those are my own excuses
The hands dealt to you are only true and depend on you
How long and how far can you run in your dreams?
Now open your eyes and time to wake up, it seems!

Awaken and arise from a split-second trip
I tried, I'll fly, won't die
In shining reality, I'll DIVE!
I can't fret, no up-set, the competition's here!
They're in awe, I saw, it's long but I will never withdraw!
Because I'm living without ever having lost!

Other Information:
Better known by it's Japanese title, Setsuna Trip, is another fast paced song from Last Note. It's mostly known by it's PV, with it's animation and bright colours.
A Split-Second Trip Translyrics (c) Let's Get Lyrical!@blogspot (shukou@NND/Manjuholic@YT)

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