Sunday, July 14, 2013

Raspberry*Monster - Miku

Title: ラズベリー*モンスター (RaspberryMonster)
Artist: Hatsune Miku
Composer: ゴム(HoneyWorks) 
Links: YouTube / Nico Nico Douga

3, 2, 1
and on the signal, get ready, stick out your tongue
Raise your middle finger, we ain't messing 'round now
That raspberry gum you've chewed too much, spit it out to the ground

Waking me up, my morning alarms tune
That heavy rock music on full volume
But in reality,
I'm not quite ready, my palms are sweaty
The gum I buy after school is sold out
And my phone's out of reception now
In reality,
everyone's expecting gratitude from me
but I don't care!

(tick tock tick tock)
I am bad at eye to eye contact, I wanna hide away
Is this just imaginary? I couldn't tell you anyway
I will leave my real body here, and go jump to the virtual disk drive

Raspberry Monster
So bright red, standing forward with your head held high, all on your own
Raspberry Monster
Even now, there’s nothing in this world that's gonna take you down

How long has it even been since I became so run down?
The smile I wear now is just a weak echo
You are the same as me, and you are all mine too
So hurry and save me from this!

(tick tock tick tock)
I really want to do it, and I'm really trying, see?
But is there anyone who will stand here with me?
I just wanna be more like,
That girl in red

Raspberry Monster
Stand up tall! From now on I know that the best defence is knocking your enemies out!
Raspberry Monster
Even now, there’s nothing in this world that's gonna take me down!

Raspberry Monster
Raspberry Monster, yeah!

Other Information:
A catchy, energetic song featuring a PV by Akiakane! A version sung by Hanatan was also released simultaneously.
Raspberry*Monster Translyrics (c) Let's Get Lyrical!@blogspot (RaeRaeRae@NND/Nomyriad@YT)

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