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Hello/howareyou - Miku

Title:  ハロ/ハワユ (Hello/howareyou)
Artist: Hatsune Miku
Composer: Nanou/HoehoeP
Links: YouTube / Nico Nico Douga

My window opens as
I begin to whisper softly
I'm alone in this one room
No one else is here
The night's breaking as
the rain falls down yet again
(TICK TOCK. . . )
Somebody please help and wind me up for this, today...

There was a character long ago, I remember fondly
I was jealous since everyone loved him
It's time to stop daydreaming - I need to get ready now
(CRYING . . .)
Since I have to wipe away my tears

Now days I always reply "Oh well"
Though I remember what you said the day before
"I, won't be expecting anything, from you from now on"
Well, guess what
I don't really, expect much from myself
But then again, what did you want me to say back?
I have, many truths that want to escape me
But all I, can say are actually lies
And now I'm living this way, floating aimlessly by
Sitting alone as my precious words wither away!

Can you tell me why you don't say a thing?
Are you scared that they'll make fun of you?
They say that you're a loner, but.. .
Is that how you really feel?

The sea of "maybe"'s and "what if"'s is drowning me
I can't really breathe anymore
Please let me hear your voice right now
Because all my strength has left me

It's hard to get ready for the rest of my day but,
I can't think straight- nothing's getting done
Just maybe, I think that "I should lie and stay home" but..
I'm kidding!
That won't work, I know..
I wasn't planning on actually doing that
I know, I know, please don't get angry, now

If I smile, If I cry, it doesn't matter
Justly and cruelly, the sun shall always rise
It's tearing me apart, just to make it through the day
Why can't you, tell me what you expect from me?!

Can you tell me why everything bothers you?
I've always known that you just want to be loved
But who gave up first, you or me?
Do you see it now?
Maybe there's a card for how much life I've lived
I wonder when mine would end?
Then who will pay for all the life I lived, all that wasted time. . .

Thank you
This is how grateful I am to you...
Thank you
This is how thankful I am to you...
Thank you
It's only one time, it'll never happen again..
Let me cry without holding a thing back, please-
Telling you, my thanks!

Can you tell me why you don't say a thing?
I've always known that you just want to be heard
I promise that I won't laugh or judge at all
So please, let me hear you~
If you don't speak nobody will understand you
If you think it out, they won't hear it
It's hard to do, but we're human after all
You and I and everyone alike

I say, to you: Hello, how are you?

Other Information:
The song is an old one, but good. It's got a wonderful remix and many covers, a favourite song among most people as they feel they can relate. With it's beat and sad lyrics, it's almost reminiscent of Dixie Flatline's Just Be Friends.
Hello/howareyou Translyrics (c) Let's Get Lyrical!@blogspot (shukou@NND/Manjuholic@YT)

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