Sunday, November 8, 2009

Eternal Force Blizzard - Namine Ritsu

Title: E.F.B~恒久の氷結~ / E.F.B ~Koukyuu no Hyouketsu~ (Eternal Force Blizzard
Artist: UTAU/Vipploid Namine Ritsu
Composer: パンドリストP (PandolistP)

Twilight smiles at me in a bitter shower of tears
In the darkness crime and regret are unclear
Response to a lie…
Blooming beautifully, the crimson rose is a reflection
Of an existence pricked with heartless thorns

Wings that are broken have been nailed to the cross to die and rot away
The light has faded and hopes have been long forgotten
(Response to a lie…)

An eternity is given to the soul that is deemed dignified
Creating a corrupted birth to nightmares and maddened lies
Keeping inside the cracks of my mind, despair and sorrow secret
Mournful memories, chaos and suffering
Taking away all of the warmth…

Tranquillity is slumbering in a sea of tears
In the darkness crime and order are unsteered
Response to a lie…
Flickering blue flame, glowing faintly like an ice flower
Cold and merciless as the night

A frozen-still heart has been bound and tattered by the heavy chains of fate
All wishes have died and hopes have been long forgotten
(Response to a lie…)

Vanishing to hell, a sinful soul fell, the cycle repeats again
Going round in the endless phase of life filled with terror
Keeping the mind closed far behind a dark wall of solitude
Mournful memories, trembling and fearing
Everlasting force, rise up high…

“God of Ice, reveal your form!
Spin my song into a shard of ice; sharpen the shard into a blade;
Let this Blade of Ice incise mine enemies!
Fulfil my rage into an impervious tempest around me!”

Imprisoned and fallen angel—
La La La…

Words of power are exposed to the soul that is deemed dignified
Break free from the shackles made from nightmares and maddened lies
Enclosing in an ice prison, all the despair and sorrow
Releasing timeless wandering command
Eternal Force Blizzard
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Eternal Force Blizzard Translyrics (c) Let's Get Lyrical!@blogspot (RaeRaeRae@NND/ReicheruCharin@YT)


  1. Thank you for this lyrics!
    I love this song ♥

  2. arigatou!! ^^

    Vocaloid's songs in English lyric... great!

  3. The lyrics are meaningful! :D

  4. A beautiful song :)


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